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Day 5 Coder:

With use of the conditonal statement if we can provide a conditon that will satisfy the user when they use the keyboard and try to move there character. The dot operator. and the equals function In python the raw_input command

Day 4 Coder:

Boolean For a computer to think it only knows true or false. Like the feeling of going out in the cold your hat is either on or off. The boolean is a special type of command that is either on

Day 3 Coder:

To help simplify the inner works of a computer a computer takes in information as numbers. These numbers can be linked to words and that makes it easier for people to remember. To start, in python to command the computer

Day 2 Coder:

How to print text in python. It is very simple. Compared to other languages the developer would have to give more detailed instruction to get a program to work. In python the process is simplified to just needing the print command and “” marks to

Day 1 Coder:

Coding is a language that can be spoken and written. To help visualize the processes in a computer u need only imagine it as a story that is written line by line. As in writing each word is made of